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A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

by Alicia Liotta & Maggie Mulhern

For the stylists' inside scoop on the hottest clubs in these 3 cities, click here.


L.A. Night Style: Vintage

A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Products: Davines Texture Spray, Bio Invisible Spray and Glam Power Spray; Haute Hollywood Locks Clip In Human Hair Extensions; Denman brush; OPI Second Honeymoon and OPI Pinking of You nail lacquers.

Photography by Steven Barston,; make-up and nails by Noel Nichols; photostyling by Jana Lee Aaby. Dress and belt by Betsey Johnson; necklace and Bangles by XXI (Forever 21); purple flower by Tarina Tarintino; shoes by Report Signature.

If you're planning to go clubbing in Los Angeles, break out your edgiest gear.

"L.A. style is a lot more adventurous than anywhere else. The weather definitely plays a part," says Janine Jarman, a Hollywood salon owner whose Hairroin is located on the hottest club-scene street in Los Angeles.

"Girls in L.A. wear more lightweight clothes, lots of accessories, lots of layers, bright colors and fabulous shoes," she says. For fashionistas on the West Coast, the more creative the outfit, the better.

Long hair rules. Adding clip-in extensions for length and volume is a major trend because girls in L.A. don't want to compromise their outdoor and beach lifestyles with anything permanent, says Janine. For Margot, Janine took inspiration from Amy Winehouse's look, but softened and finished it more.

"It's a beach-y set with a vintage style," she says, "perfect for the L.A. scene where vintage is a huge inspiration."

To create Margot's undone up/down 'do, Janine prepped the hair with texture spray and flat-wrapped it during the blow out for a heavy, sweeping fringe. She then clipped in her own line of human hair extensions in "Bardot" blonde, iron curled the hair in alternating directions, then teased up the crown. The low ponytail is backcombed and pinned to the fringe for a sexy, undone finish.

"We're open late," Janine explains, "and the scene starts around 11 p.m. We have a lot of clients who will come into the salon and then just walk to the clubs from here."


A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Janine Jarman backcombs and pins to create an Amy Winehouse-inspired high crown.

The bouffant is big, big, big, flanked by a swooping fringe and side-tucked ponytail.


Chicago Chic: A Whole Lotta Hair

A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Photography by Roberto Ligresti; make-up by Nick Stenson; photostyling by Natalie Navarre for Matrix. Top by Alexander McQueen, courtesy Matrix Global Academy.

Products: For highlights, Matrix V-Light De-dusted Lightener with 20-volume Solite, alternating with ColorSync demipermanent color, one part 8N to one-half part 8G mixed with dedicated developer as lowlights; Matrix Prizms PLUS White Blonde as toner. Vavoom Bust Out Body Shampoo and Conditioner, and Shape Maker Spray, all by Matrix; TGR Tempo blow dryer; Fusion irons; Nicholas French Signature Collection brushes; Revitalash.

"A Chicago clubber is all about the total image," says Nick Stenson of the night scene in his hometown.

"We are talking image from top to bottom, including fresh color, fashion, high heels. She must have something that makes her stand out from the crowd.  Good news for me ... the hair is usually the focus!"

His goal, says Nick, is to make sure Margot doesn't get sent to the guys' side.

"I've never seen it in any other city, but in some Chicago clubs, the guys line up on one side of the rope and the girls line up on the other," he says. "Sometimes the bouncers will send a girl over to the guy side of the line. This is code for you will never get in."

The look that works is long, full hair, with or without extensions; volume and texture are key. "When she walks, her attitude has to show through her hair," he says.

Nick wanted color impact, so he highlighted, lowlighted and toned her hair to a bright blonde. Then he placed wefts in three different blonde shades beneath the curve of the head and iron-curled them with the natural strands, some forward, some back, and sprays it all.

"The curl will add more texture and volume," says Nick. "And all this spray is to help set in the style."

The make-up, which Nick applies here himself, must have punch. "It's either big eyes or big lips," he says. "A smoky eye or power lips. It's all about balance."

Nails are not an afterthought. "Both manicure and pedicure," Nick says. "It's about the package. We want heads to turn."

A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Nick Stenson bulks up Margot's long hair with three wefts in different shades of blonde.

A set with irons of various sizes creates volume with curl support; spray keeps it up.



The New York Look: Undone

A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

Photography by Roberto Ligresti; make-up by David Maderich for

Products: T3 360 Plump volumizing spray by Orlando Pita; T3 Evolution blow dryer and T3 curling iron by Bespoke Labs; Mason Pearson brush. Sugar Tint
oil-free tinted moisturizer; Time Bombs skin care by Color Lab.


Brian Buenaventura, a born-and-bred New Yorker, has been working as assistant to Orlando Pita ever since earning his license two years ago. And since then, he's been out almost ever night.

"There is nothing like New York; I've traveled all over the world and in NY you can find anything for anyone at anytime," says Brian. "There is so much variety in music, crowds, taste and fashion. There is not just one scene."

 His current favorite nightspots are the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn and Cielo in Manhattan's meat-packing district, where we shot Margot's finished New York look. To get into the club, she needs hair that's not "cookie cutter," says Brian.

"Three years ago, everyone had flatironed hair. Today, lots of girls are playing with textures and length. It's no longer about trend but more about difference.

"My Margot will add to the environment and energy of the club. She'll look fearless, like she belongs," he says.

What about Margot's grown-out highlights? Leave them, Brian says.

"Her color doesn't make her; she makes her hair color,"  he maintains. "We just did a photo shoot for Vogue where we actually used a dark spray to put ‘roots' into blonde hair."

For the shape, Brian decides to go against the grain of long hair with a faux bob. "This look will have edge, be undone and chic."

To create a solid base, he asks that Margot come in with unwashed hair, better to hold the curl he'll create. He preps by spraying each section with a volumizing formula, then blow dries over a round brush and "sets" in invisible rollers. Once the sections are cooled, he re-rolls half-inch partings down a one-inch curling iron. He backbrushes the sections to "shrink" to desired length, and pushes and pins in loose ends for the "bob."

A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A. A Night Out: New York, Chicago & L.A.

For Margot's New York club look, Brian Buenaventura backbrushes an iron set.

Pinning ends under the surface makes a deliberately messy faux bob.


For the stylists' inside scoop on the hottest clubs in these 3 cities, click here.

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