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Bridal Style 2008

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

June is here and so are the brides and their bridal parties! Are you ready to tackle another season of bridal hair? If you're feeling ho-hum about yet another afternoon of updos, get inspired by one of these five trends for 2008. Your clients will be impressed and you'll break out of your bridal rut!

  1. Abandon the Updo. One of this year's big trends is for brides to wear their hair down. Often, this is the groom's preference, but brides want to look different and special on their big day so they opt for an updo. Show your brides that down can be gorgeous with loose curls, pinned-up sides, low ponytails or sparkling vintage hair pins. Best of all, long, flowing locks look great with strapless dresses-still the most popular bridal style.
  2. Get Messy. If your bride and her maids insist on wearing their hair up, go for a more modern look. Style hair low and slightly "messy." Hair that is too "done" will look like prom revisited rather than elegant and contemporary. Check out for inspiration.
  3. Accessorize! From vintage brooches to sparkling hair pins to satin headbands, the options are endless. Many brides prefer a unique accessory or flower to a veil. Create a style to compliment her favorite bridal accessory. Better yet, stock a line of accessories at your salon to retail to brides.
  4. Magnificent Make-up. Whether she wants to look totally glam or 100-percent natural, it's your job to make sure her make-up is camera ready and staying put. Have your salon's make-up artist sit in on the hair consult and talk to the client about what make-up will complement her hair and dress. Do a trial run and take her photograph while she's wearing something white. You'll be able to see if she's going to need more blush for the photos, extra eyeliner, a more colorful gloss, etc.
  5. Nail It! You've got her and her party in the salon, might as well send them over to the nail department! Encourage bridal clients to get creative and layer different shades of polish to create their own unique color. Essie, OPI and CND all have gorgeous, feminine pinks to choose from. And don't forget the pedicure!

Bridal Style 2008

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