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Highlight of the Summer

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Highlights are on everyone’s mind during summer. What you don’t want: Clients getting the idea they should let the sun create their streaks.

The best highlighting services now introduce color clients to something new, be it a tonal change, a new application technique or a speedy service combination. Use the changes to create summer excitement!

For women on the go, nothing beats baliage. Instead of the usual lightener, paint on a lighter tint or a few lowlights that’ll make the rest of the hair seem brighter. Or, place lowlights around the face and in the underlayers, which adds depth and makes fine hair look thicker.

Always stress customized placement. Highlights on top draw the eye upward for a slimming effect. Subtle ones, placed along a T-shape that moves down the part line then across the front, create a more youthful appearance. Lighter and brighter slivers of color accent specific areas of a cut.

With cash and time at a premium, double and triple up services. Reduce the a la carte price by 20 percent when clients get all services at once.

For instance, do a root retouch, then add strategic highlights and lowlights. Instead of refreshing the rest of the hair, add a deep conditioner to keep color shining until it’s time for a fall shade shift.

Highlight of the Summer

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