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Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Hair Color Salon in San Jose, California, gets rave reviews at CitySearch for perfectionist color and a true service attitude.

According to one online poster, bronze and orange spots at the roots and dry ends were fixed by Anh, who spent four hours during a first appointment. Anh also helped a now-happy woman who was uncomfortable with frequent touch-ups transition back to gray, and suggested creative cuts to make it look its best.

Another reviewer says, "I showed my colorist a picture from a magazine and she got it spot on!" Then, there's the one who loved the results of Vivian's seven-hour TR service; she says she spent quite a bit and "it was the best decision I ever made." Still another was thrilled that friends think she now looks like a model and says the salon exceeded her highest expectations.

What's this salon doing to get it all right? Owner Anh Hodges, who has 20 years in the business, says the staff of 10 trains almost every month, usually at Vidal Sassoon.

"We train continually and do the best we can to keep our reputation high," says Hodges. "We are very concerned with our clients' happiness and comfort."

Not only does the salon validate parking and feeds parking meters for clients during lengthy services like thermal straightening, guests can lie down on a facial bed.

Fame has its price, and Hodges once caught a competitor making a false negative posting at CitySearch. She knew the deal because the posted price was way off, because she hadn't delivered that particular service on the given date and because the poster suggested a specific, alternative salon.

Online rep-ruining is something everyone fears, but CitySearch exercises its own form of customer service. At salons' requests, it immediately removes false postings. More reasons than one to check your online reviews today.

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