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Clairol Professional's Going Red

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:22 PM

Clairol Professional enlisted a cadre of top colorists to fight women's heart disease with knockout reds.

Clairol Professional's Going RedClairol Professional's Going Red

"Red is really versatile because it can flatter a variety of skin tones," says Beth Minardi. Staff colorist Victoria Natapov created this "color counterpoint, red-on-red" design to support Clairol Professional's partnership with the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" program.

The primary way the American Heart Association raises awareness of the risks of heart disease in women is their "Go Red" program. All over the country, women wear red fashions to encourage women to fight heart disease, the number-one  killer of women, so it was natural for Clairol Professional to take the effort into hair fashion.

The company asked five top colorists to create an exclusive red design using a series of products in a special promotion that donated $.20 for each one sold between February and June.

One of the industry's most famous redheads got right on board.

"I was a Miss Clairol redhead when I was 25," said Beth Minardi, co-owner of Minardi Salon in Manhattan and MODERN contributing editor. "I encourage colorists not to think of redheads as Lucy, but to look at Julianne Moore. They can be contemporary, and with the right blending, clients can wear reds with tremendous confidence."

Minardi asked staff colorist Victoria Natapov ("a brilliant talent," she says) to create a red that was deliberately understated and chic to counter the "kooky" stereotype.

Working on a Level-4 brown, Natapov first treated the nape and back with two vibrant formulas: Clairol Professional Premium Crème 4RR and 10-volume developer at the bases, and Radiance Color Gloss 6R with dedicated developer for the shaft and ends. On the rest of the head, she used Premium Crème 6RN with 20 volume at the roots and glazed the ends with Radiance 6R mixed with an ounce of Clear and dedicated developer.

The result was a shine-packed, true red, but the next step was what made the design sophisticated. After processing, shampooing, conditioning and drying, Natapov foiled in lowlights (Jazzing Red Hot 40), and highlighted every third foil with BW2 and 10-volume developer.

After a 20-minute process, shampoo, condition and towel-dry, she glazed the head with an ounce and a half of Radiance 6RO, a half-ounce of Clear and two ounces of dedicated developer. The result is a shimmery, dimensional red that packs a punch with style.

Go to for complete steps and more "Go Red" designs. Visit for more on women's heart health.

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