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Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:23 PM

Fall Fantasy

Photography: Anthony Mascolo, Roberto Aguilar, Ben Cook

Make-up: Pat Mascolo, Amy Barrington, Georgina Mascolo

Hair: Anthony Mascolo, assisted by Maria Kovacs and Marco Iafrate

Fashion: Vivienne Westwood

Styling: Murray Blewett, assisted by Saro Fchwyzer

Products: TIGI Head Rush, TIGI Hardcore Hairspray, Bed Head Powertrip Gel, Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray, TIGI Strong Mousse


If you offer TIGI's Anthony Mascolo an opportunity to shoot an editorial feature, be prepared for something special. He and his team of hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists and photographers create images that inspire, astound, delight and demand attention.

Spray-painted wigs, Vivienne Westwood couture fashions and make-up that resembles artwork more than eyeshadow all came together to create these fantastical, inspirational looks for the season. When the finished hair pieces were placed on the models and feathered accents were added, magic was created. The combination of texture, color and shape added up to breathtaking trends for the season.

Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

On this model, hair was wet and TIGI Powertrip Gel was applied and molded into shape.


Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

Natural hair was brushed out and sprayed with Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray, followed with colored sprays.


Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

TIGI Strong Mousse was applied to dry hair, blow dried, set on pins and sprayed with TIGI Hardcore Hairspray. After hair set, it was brushed out and sprayed with more Hardcore before spraying it with colored spray.


Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

Natural hair was secured under scull cap and wig. Before the wig was placed and cut, it was gelled with Bed Head Powertrip, dried, brushed out then sprayed with color hair spray.


Anthony Mascolo's Fall Fantasy

Half wig was placed on top of short hair and cut into shape. Hair was then sculpted with TIGI Head Rush and TIGI Hardcore Hairspray.


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