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Best Way to Color Textured Hair?

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:23 PM

What's the best way to color textured hair?

Best Way to Color Textured Hair?A. In her 19 years as a hairdresser, Vadre Grigsby has had the opportunity to tackle the challenge of coloring many difficult textures of hair. "I work with a lot of Hispanic clients," says the Pravana Artistic Council member and owner of Gavora Studio in Manteca, California. "I've learned that it's a lot more than product selection and color choice," she says. "Placement is key.

"It's not unusual to deal with hair that is straight in some sections and very curly in others. I just have to be more conscientious when coloring, especially when high- or lowlighting." Grigsby points out that the curlier the hair, the larger the section and the thicker the piece. "Fine highlights would be lost and almost wasted in curly hair," she says. "I also slice at an angle so that when the hair is straightened, the color overlaps. This decreases a ‘stripe-y' look."

Product choice, according to Grigsby, can have a dramatic effect on heavily textured hair. "I use a demipermanent color on hair that is overly curly or frizzy. The formula I use, Pravana's Chromasilk, offers conditioning properties and often controls the frizz." She also plays with formulas. "I try to use a 10-volume developer on curly hair. This will keep the hair in optimal condition and will not affect the natural texture."

As far as placement is concerned, Grigsby uses different shades to achieve different results. "If the hair is very curly, I place darker shades on the outside of the palette so it gives the illusion of smaller hair. This will minimize and decrease any excessive volume and will make the hair less round."


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