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Five Ways to Create Subtle Change

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 6:23 PM

Are you getting bored with certain clients who always want the same thing? Try these suggestions and get your clients on board with change!

  1. The single-process brunette: She doesn’t want highlights because of the maintenance and quick regrowth pattern. Unfortunately, her brown is getting decidedly “blah.” Try weaving a few highlights underneath the top layer of her hair so they peek out and add interest, but aren’t noticeable when her hair starts to grow.
  2. The gray client: She comes in for regular cuts, but won’t budge on color. If she feels the color will look fake or be too much maintenance, show her examples of gray blending where she keeps some of her natural silver tones and adds other shades. Make sure to emphasize how natural the final result will be.
  3. The redhead: This is one of your favorite clients to color. But even redheads need to spice it up sometimes. Try adding a few slices of deep chocolate and/or bright orange into her regular red. Don’t overdo it … just a few well-placed high or lowlights will give her a whole new red.
  4. The blonde: She lives for her highlights. Try different tones next time. Give her some creamy, buttery shades rather than her usual light, bright tones. It will soften her blonde and flatter her features.
  5. The at-home colorist: She thinks she can get salon-quality color with a box from the grocery store. Not sure how to convince her she’s wrong? Next time she’s in your chair, examine the back of her hair and underneath. Chances are, she’s missed some spots if she’s doing it herself. Point out the inconsistencies. Another way to change her home hair color ways? Give her a few highlights around the face, free of charge, the next time she’s in for a cut. She’ll be a salon color convert in no time.

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