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Personal Style: Alexis Canoura

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:23 PM

Personal Style: Alexis CanouraAlexis Canoura, a top colorist at Garren Salon in New York City counts top models, socialites and celebrities among her clientele.

My favorite designer: I have many including Vintage YSL, Stefano Pilati for YSL, Alber Elbaz for Lanvin and Muiccia Prada for Miu Miu and Prada. All three have taken an innovative approach to fashion, creating never-before-seen silhouettes-their pieces are wearable art.

My favorite place to shop: Barney's New York-the annual charity event, "Seventh on Sale" where designers donate their fashions, and Zara.

I am inspired by: People-watching in the greatest melting pot in the world, New York City. It's important to stay connected with shifting trends. The quickest way to become disposable in the beauty business is to become disconnected with the new generation.

What made me want to be a colorist: Since I was a child, I have always loved beauty and hair. I am fascinated by color and the ability to create and express myself in this way. I am greatly inspired by how hair color can transform a look and style.

My favorite client: Someone who places her trust in my vision and expertise.

My mentors: My greatest mentor is Garren. Immediately following cosmetology school, I was hired by Chad Beaman, Garren's managing director and was chosen to work alongside Garren. Working under colorist Christopher John, I was taught the skills and knowledge to start my career as a colorist. I have come to trust Garren's aesthetic whole-heartedly. From the beginning, it was Garren, Chad and Christopher who believed in me and insisted that through hard work and discipline, I could make my dream a reality.

My motto: Work passionately and be thankful. Realize that every place and every person you subject yourself to is from where you draw your inspiration. Step outside of your comfort-zone and experience as many different places and people as you can. They serve the creative process.


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