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Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 6:23 PM

Orlando Pita spends much of his professional time at, or preparing for, Fashion Week presentations across the globe. Recently, we followed Pita during the 2009 collections presented in New York. We watched from both "front and back of house" as he created looks for top designers Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam and Doo.Ri.

Pita helped create the products he uses based on his styling needs, for backstage, in studio and in the salon.
"I always start with T3 360 Plump," he says. "It's a keratin and B5-rich formulation that makes models' often dry and damaged hair shiny, healthy and thicker instantly." He also used Refresh-a dry shampoo designed to instantly clean and repair damaged hair. "I finish all my looks with Elevate-a volumizing aerosol that works with a flatiron or curling iron and Control, a non-damaging hairspray that creates a flexible hold."

Pita, working with a large supportive team, makes sure each and every model gets his magic touch. "I try to have my hands in every model's hair at some point," he says. "My trick is to give the finished hair a good tug to make sure it will last through clothing changes. If it doesn't, it's not finished!"
Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
"Carolina [Herrera] always likes an updo, so I wanted to do something different, something to contrast the feminine collection with a sort of boyish and groomed updo."

Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
Hair was parted to one side, spritzed with T3 360 Elevate for texture, and twisted from ear to the middle of the head on each side. The hair was then crisscrossed and tucked inside the roll and finished with T3 360 Control.

Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
Derek Lam was inspired by the chin length bob from a deep side parting. "The easiest way to get this look is to have the hair cut, but when you're working with models with long hair you have to be creative to make it look short," says Pita.

Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
Hair was separated into two low sections at the back of the head, tucked under and pinned. T3 360 Control was used for shine and hold.

Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
"Runway becomes real way with a pin straight, slightly undone look and a deep side part," says Pita of the hair at Doo.Ri. "If your hair gets caught in your scarf or your bangs hang over one eye-keep it there."

Behind the Scenes with Orlando Pita
The hair was straightened with the T3 Bespoke Duality iron and T3 360 Elevate was used for volume and texture. "The hair should be straight, but not flat."

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