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Why Clients Stock Up on Holiday Tools

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:24 PM
by Michele Musgrove

Did you know November and December are the two hottest months for salon appliance sales? According to Denise Blackwell, director of merchandising for Beauty Systems Group and CosmoProf stores, professional-brand irons and dryers fly off the shelves around the holiday season. Here's a list of why clients will stock up on the latest, coolest tools this month and next:

1. Avoid burn-out.  It's the busiest time of the year, and the worst time to get caught without a favorite flatiron or fully functioning blow dryer.

2. Check out cool new launches. See the latest innovations manufacturers have "gift wrapped" for salons. Advances in technology and special merchandising programs are unveiled this time of year.

3. Give gifts that keep on giving. Smart salons stock up on extra appliances to retail to clients during the holidays. Clients in every age group, from teens to boomers have high-performance appliances on their wish lists-to give and to get.

4. Extend special occasion styling. When your client sees what you can do with a professional-grade iron and powerful blow dryer, she's going to want to have her own. Explain and recommend every product and tool you use to create a special updo, a sleek, straight style or perfect blow-out.

5. Get something extra. There are special editions, gifts with purchase and seasonal promotions offering tremendous value for salons and professionals.

According to Blackwell, top appliance manufacturers put together packaging and deals exclusive to major distributors. She advises salon professionals to visit their local stores to check out the holiday retail deals.

Why Clients Stock Up on Holiday Tools

Why Clients Stock Up on Holiday Tools
Farouk black and white holiday irons.

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