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New, Now, Next: Cosmetics

Megan Vickery | July 10, 2011 | 6:24 PM

Winter months can drag on, but we've got scoops on the newest cosmetic products and tips to keep your clients' faces looking fresh all season! Or, skip the cold altogether and start dreaming of warmer months now with fashion forecasts for spring. Here's what our experts, Andrea Fairweather, CEO of, and Philip Luque, Youngblood celebrity make-up artist, have to say.

What's New?
Fairweather: The Fairweather Faces Travel Size (Color-Coded) Make-up Brushes with Face Chart. It's easy to use, your clients can just match the colors of each Travel Size Make-up Brush to the colors on the Travel Size Face Chart and you can retail it for the holidays.

Luque:  Youngblood's new "Highlight the Holiday Season" collection. This three-piece set offers Platinum, a shimmery, silver-pressed individual eye shadow, Reflection lip gloss for sparkly lips and Lunar Dust, in Twilight, for a glowing face and body.   

What's Now?
Fairweather: One of my favorite brushes for everyday winter is the Fairweather Faces Travel Size (Color-Coded) Blush Brush. Winter requires naturally popped blush, bronzer and a kiss of loose powder to set the look. Get all that done with this handy brush.

Luque: This season's looks are all about plums, silvers, jeweled tones and smoky charcoal. Our new sheer lip-gloss, Poetic, blends warm plum and rose shades and the new Pressed Individual Eye collection with 10 luminous new shades along with six of our most popular are great for right now.

What's Next?
Fairweather: Professionals and everyday clients using their Travel Size (Color-Coded) Make-up Brushes and following the Face Chart. The best looks will be: clean, dewy skin; pale, shimmer eyes; lots of lashes; rosy cheeks; beige for day and merlot-colored, glossy lips for night.

Luque: Trends for spring are leaning towards vibrant, bright and milky colors. In 2009, Youngblood's new products will be: Pink Lust, a shimmery, light pink lipstick; Promiscuous, a sheer watermelon-strawberry-toned gloss; and Passion, a plum eyeliner.

New, Now, Next: Cosmetics

New, Now, Next: Cosmetics

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