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Ask the Experts: How Do I Achieve a Perfect Blow Out?

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:24 PM

Q. How do I achieve a perfect blow out?

David Dieguez, creative director and key stylist at Blow salon in Manhattan, has styled the tresses of celebrities like Molly Shannon and Abigail Breslin. He has been featured in Vogue and Allure and provided new looks for guests on the Style Network as well as contributing to two seasons of Style Court. Here are his top five tips on creating the perfect blow out:

1. Make sure to think about the kind of hair you are working with before beginning your blow dry routine. If you are working with fine hair, for instance, it is important to rough up the cuticle before drying. If the hair is curly, however, you should not use the rough dry method.

2. When working with your brushes, remember to maintain the tension in the hair to ensure the smoothness and longevity of the blow out. If you release the hair from the brush before it is dry, make sure to replace the force of the brush with that of the grip of your hand while re-situating the brush. If you do not maintain this pressure, the hair will frizz and shrink quickly.

3. If you are working with volumizers, keep in mind that they probably have a fixadant agent in them, so use them wisely. Only spray them where gravity will allow volume to stick. There is no reason, for example, to spray areas like the nape. If you are blowing out the hair with the intention of doing an up-do, however, spray the volumizer everywhere to give a texture that is much easier to build with. This holds true whether you incorporate an iron or just put it up.

4. When applying finishing products, remember less is more. Make sure to scrunch the finishing product in from the ends on upward and, if you are in doubt about the amount to use, dab with a towel first. Then, finish the blow out with your hands. Make sure to really get in there, stretch the hair with your fingers and twist the ends to add smoothness. This step will give the hair a far more finessed look.

5.  Remember, blowouts should make your clients' hair look like a better version of themselves. The blow out should leave your client feeling like she can walk out of the salon without getting a stiff neck for fear of ruining your creation.

Ask the Experts: How Do I Achieve a Perfect Blow Out?

David Dieguezy

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