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Innovation Spotlight: Advanced Coloration

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 6:24 PM

Colorists continually mitigate trade-offs between great color and damaged hair. Now, color is getting a big boost and damage is getting the boot with Advanced Coloration. This new brand claims to be the first hair color with “micro-pigment sized” color molecules.

Explains Bonnie Boozer-Magee, VP of sales and marketing for the Atlanta-based manufacturer, “My partner worked with an Italian chemist for three years to create the patent-pending process. Until now, all color molecules were refined similarly. Most were 89-percent to 90-percent pure, which is a macro molecule, chemically speaking. By refining them differently and losing harmless impurities that take up space, we achieved 99.8-percent purity, in a smaller, micro molecule.”

Boozer-Magee says because the color’s molecular size is so tiny, it requires minimal cuticle swelling to get in the cortex. For this reason, Advanced Coloration relies on less than .5-percent ammonia, as opposed to the usual 2.8 to 4 percent. The double-pigmented, tube color is mixed in a 1:2 ratio with the patent-pending developer, which slows initial oxidation, so that more precursor gets in the cortex before oxidation begins. (Smaller molecules = faster oxidation.)

“You get high-definition color and complete gray coverage,” says Boozer-Magee. “Also, a 7-volume developer allows the color to transform to a true demi, without the need for a separate line.”

Advanced Coloration is sold direct to salons, which makes it uniquely affordable. Visit for information.

Innovation Spotlight: Advanced Coloration

Five weeks before being photographed, this hair was colored with one part Advanced Coloration’s Intense Dark Red Blond 6.66RR with two parts 30-volume developer.

Innovation Spotlight: Advanced Coloration

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