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50 Influential Hairdressers: International Influencers

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:06 PM

They start trends. They influence Hollywood style. They change the way clients visit salons. They're 50 hairdressers who have influenced and continue to influence the way you do hair. Whether they're developing fresh cutting techniques, promoting education or trying new ways of coloring hair, these 50 stylists have shaped contemporary beauty.

How did we pick these 50 stylists? It wasn't easy. With multiple editors and outside sources weighing in, we could have easily developed a list of 150. But the 50 we chose are professionals who have had a true impact on the way hair is cut, colored and styled today. Although many of our 50 stylists could be labeled with multiple titles, we categorized them into the following areas: Innovators and Pioneers, Celebrity Stylists, Educators, Trendsetters and International Influencers.

50 Influential Hairdressers: International InfluencersFor those of you counting as you read, you'll notice only 49 profiles in the article. Number 50 is, of course, the man on our December 2008 cover, Vidal Sassoon.

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Read on for an inspirational look at the careers and achievements of these amazing talents. Want to weigh in with your own choices for our list of 50 Influential Hairdressers? Visit Editor-in-Chief Laurel Smoke's blog titled "Voice Your Choice" and tell us what you think.


50 Influential Hairdressers: International InfluencersJamie Carroll
His Work:

Jamie Carroll began shearing sheep in his native Australian outback-convincing him he wanted work with his hands. He entered hairdressing through his early career as a photographer and "never looked back," he says. In addition to being a leading global hairdressing talent, Carroll has developed a series of educational systems as well as a complete salon business system, both earning him a Global Salon Business Award.
Why He's Influential: Carroll pioneered online education with G-learning, an interactive multiple learning format applicable to any industry. He created Envisionacademy and Continuouseducation and a series of educational seminars that he presents to hairdressers around the world. As official hairstylist for Australia Week, Carroll created looks for celebrities including Olivia Newton-John, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.
Who Influences Him: Carroll's greatest source of inspiration comes from the work and the words of Vidal Sassoon. "I was at Vidal's house photographing his hands for an ‘inspirational hands' story and he said if he were to give advice to anyone starting in the industry, it would be ‘education, education, education.' That statement provided all the motivation I needed to continue with my journey in education," says Carroll.

50 Influential Hairdressers: International InfluencersLuis Llongueras
His Work: Brilliantly unconventional, he was the first in Spain to create a style collection and first with a unisex salon in the Catholic nation-inconceivable at the time. Stylist to Salvador Dali and the Queen of Spain, he orchestrated unforgettably eccentric stage shows. A renowned painter, poet and photographer, today he is best known for his sculptures, exhibited in galleries worldwide.
Why He's Influential: His extravagant stage shows are legendary, yet he once amazed the public by cutting his own hair on a vacant stage. His seven-roller express wave freed busy women, while his self-service and 24-hour salons were groundbreakers. Today, his salon network is international and his advanced institute world-renowned.  Peluquerias magazine, which he launched in 1969, remains Europe's most pioneering hair publication.
Who Influences Him: "My father, who didn't have business vision but instilled the most essential human values; my family doctor, Dr. Isidre Guitart Suriol, who kept me in good form; my brother and best colleague; the psychologist Muñoz Espinal, who gave me a vision of the psycho-esthetic in the artistic area, a friendship of more than 25 years with Salvador Dalí; and very specially, my wife Jocelyne and children."

50 Influential Hairdressers: International InfluencersAnthony Mascolo
His Work: When Mascolo began his career in hairdressing, he had to stand on a box to shampoo clients' hair. At 15, he joined his father and his brother Bruno in the family salon and worked with Bruno on photo shoots and magazine work to help promote the family business. In 1974 the brothers opened their first salon in London's Mayfair. Anthony was the premiere member of the first Toni & Guy artistic team and traveled the world educating and inspiring. TIGI was created and Anthony became the image leader of the brand and still is today. In 2002, Anthony opened Bed Head Studios in London where he creates and photographs all of the imagery and global branding for TIGI. He developed the TIGI International Creative Team and launched training academies in London, Italy and the U.S.
Why He's Influential: Mascolo's work is nothing short of exquisite. He has a total understanding of the kind of looks people want to wear. His show work and his fantasy ideas reflect his interests in fashion and demonstrate his creative thought patterns as well as his skills. His diverse work has influenced a generation of hairdressers and continues to do so.
Who Influences Him: "Whether it is my own team, children or the edgy fashion, music and art that develops strongly from the young people of London, the untapped energy of youth is a great inspiration," says Mascolo. "Crucially, though, it is those closest to me-my family and my team, who draw out my ever-expanding ideas and push my work forward."

50 Influential Hairdressers: International InfluencersKlaus Peter Ochs
His Work: A third-generation hairdresser, Klaus Peter Ochs, internationally recognized simply as KPO, put German fashion on the map with his creative flair and uncanny talent for predicting and recognizing trends in fashion and style. Like most European hairdressers, he made a name for himself early on by winning awards and competitions throughout the world. Owner of numerous salons in Germany and France, he has
appeared on stage in more than 60 countries and has published several books.
Why He's Influential: As president of Intercoiffure Mondial, Ochs is constantly looked to for fashion inspiration, trends and collections that are unique, progressive and always beautiful. An administrator who can coordinate the shoots and releases of Intercoiffure Mondial, and an expert communicator who has influenced worldwide audiences, Ochs is one of the most familiar and respected names in international hairdressing.
Who Influences Him: Ochs is a Renaissance man who is also an accomplished painter and chef. His love of the visual arts influences his use of color, light and texture in his styling creations. Paris, his second home, inspires him for all the obvious reasons, and because the city was home to legendary stylist Guillaume, whom Ochs says influenced him the most.

Tony Rizzo
His Work: Tony Rizzo has made personalized hairdressing his hallmark since opening his first Sanrizz Salon in London's fashionable Mayfair district in 1980. This year, he opened his 10th salon at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane. Rizzo also founded the Sanrizz Education Centre, famed worldwide for its technical and motivational training.
Why He's Influential: The Sanrizz Educational Centre has graduated more than 6,000 international students and the Sanrizz Artistic team is one of the leading style setters in international hairdressing. In addition to providing exceptional hairdressing to Sanrizz clients and creating countless trend release collections, Rizzo launched the Alternative Hair Show in 1983. He is hosting his 26th show this year, which he created as an annual hair, art and fashion extravaganza, the proceeds from which benefit the UK's Leukemia Research charity.
Who Influences Him: Rizzo takes his inspiration from the fashion world believing that successful hairdressers must create styles that complement street looks, haute couture and alternative fashion.

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