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New Now Next: Well-Groomed Nails

Megan Vickery | July 10, 2011 | 7:07 PM

Whatever your style, well-groomed nails are a finishing-touch must. Keeping hands and nails in tip-top shape can be a challenge in harsh, winter weather, so we asked experts Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive VP and artistic director of OPI; Amanda Fontanarrosa, CND education coach; and Essie Weingarten, founder and president of Essie, for advice.

what's new?

Weiss-Fischmann: You Don't Know Jacques! from our recent La Collection de France is definitely one of the hottest colors we've ever introduced. Also, Maintenance Formula Nail Envy is quickly becoming a favorite; it helps maintain strong, healthy nails resistant to splits and cracks.
Fontanarrosa: The new Almond Manicure collection has a sweet almond scent appealing to both men and women. Also, CND's Brisa Gel protective coating is custom-blended to the client's request, providing infinite color options and three-week durability.
Weingarten: Our Winter Collection just launched this November; it includes glamorous colors like Shifting Power, a molten gold; and Sexy Divide, an electric violet.
New Now Next: Well-Groomed NailsNew Now Next: Well-Groomed Nails

what's now?

Weiss-Fischmann: Apply hand cream to keep skin hydrated, and rub oil on nails and cuticles to prevent them from splitting and flaking. Avocado oil works best because it is easily absorbed and gentle enough for the delicate skin around the nails. OPI's Avoplex Moisture Replenishing System is a line of products with our Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex to help lock in moisture and produce softer skin and flexible nails.
Fontanarrosa: A finely blended, highly penetrating oil, like CND's Solar Oil, should be locked in with temporary, semipermanent or permanent nail coating.
Weingarten: Keeping cuticles moisturized is very important during the colder months. Moisturize hands throughout the day with Essie Smoothies and use the Essie Cuticle Pen to keep cuticles and nails soothed.

New Now Next: Well-Groomed Nails

what's next?

Weiss-Fischmann: As the weather warms up for spring and summer, and fingers and toes come out of hiding, bright fiery shades with orange undertones will be the next hot nail-color trend.
Fontanarrosa: Spring 2009 will see opaque flesh tones on any length nail. 
Weingarten: A return to classics, as we saw at the fashion shows this season. Spring will bring soft, feminine polish colors that reflect an air of elegance.

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