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Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:08 PM

Feeling bored with your clients and the same old color services? Below are a few ways to get inspired to try new color tactics on your clientele. Break out of your rut today!

  1. Visit This online educational tool offers advanced education classes in cuts and color. Try out “Rich Chocolate” or “Golden Bounce” for a new take on classic colors.
  2. Head to America’s Beauty Show March 28-30. In addition to color workshops and product knowledge classes, there is also a special opening-night event with famed colorist Gina Khan that’s sure to inspire. Visit for more information.
  3. Take a trip. Visit a city very different than your own. Trends in LA, New York and Atlanta vary. Do some people watching, visit a salon and go out on the town. You’ll come back with new ideas and inspiration.
  4. Do some research; take a class. Most manufacturers offer tons of classes and educational events. Research your color manufacturer and take a class that interests you. Do it on your own or with a co-worker. Education always inspires.
  5. Change it up. Give your own look a drastic makeover. Clients will be intrigued and inspired by your new shade. Next thing you know, they’ll all want makeovers!

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