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Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:08 PM
Although your clients peruse fashion magazines and style books for inspiration on their next looks, one of their primary sources for the latest trends is you and your salon team. How many times have you had a client admire your cut or ask about another stylist’s hair color? As we move into a new season, think about what you can do to inspire clients to continually update their styles. Here are a few tips:

  • Be subtle. Is your clientele more conservative? Make subtle changes to your hair that reflect current trends without going overboard. Lighten and darken your shade according to seasons and keep your cut around the same length with subtle shape variations. The changes you make can be great talking points on updating a client’s own look without taking drastic measures.
  • Complete makeover. Are you completely bored with your look? Whether  you go from being a blonde to being a redhead or crop your long locks into a sleek bob, make sure you choose a new style that is 100-percent flattering. If your clients are admiring your new look, talk to them about a makeover that will work for their hair.
  • Dress for the hair. Your hair looks great, but what about the rest of you? Choose clothing and make-up that flatter your look. If you make a drastic change, be prepared to change up everything—accessories, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Clients are watching you for style cues. Inspire them with a head-to-toe look each and every time.

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