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Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:08 PM

Learn how the companies you do business with are going green.
Alterna goes green by utilizing 90-percent recyclable packaging and transitioning all shampoos, conditioners and stylers into biodegradable formulas that are paraben- sulfate- and gluten-free. The formulas do not contain DEA (Diethanolamine) and TEA (Triethanolamine), providing consumers with safe and eco-friendly products.

“With so much emphasis on preserving the environment, we wanted to do our part to maintain the ecosystem and provide consumers with nontoxic products,” says Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director of Alterna.

Alterna’s recyclable packaging, brochures and marketing materials are created with FSC-certified paper that is made without harming the environment. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an organization that promotes responsible forestry and plants four trees for each one that is cut down.

With the addition of the Love Peace and The Planet line, TIGI created formulations that utilize natural and organic ingredients combined with a minimal amount of synthetics to produce a product that maintains high performance expectations. “We pledge to continue this momentum by refining our formulations and packaging through research and testing as we move forward,” TIGI International Creative Director Anthony Mascolo says. “Any change is a good change; this is only the beginning of our sustainable, eco-conscious journey.”

As a result of converting blister cards to paper comprised of 10-percent recycled content and from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, appliance manufacturer and distributor Wahl projects saving 285 trees, or 41 tons less wood used on an annual basis. Wahl will continually reduce energy used and materials consumed throughout its end-to-end supply chain processes and use environmentally friendly materials where practical.

Patrick Dockry, president and co-founder of ENJOY, and his team, believe the little things count. ENJOY warehouses are not air-conditioned but are instead equipped with skylights that open up for all heat to escape in the summer. Although ENJOY has always recycled all cardboard, they now offer 24-case packs versus 12-case packs, which use half the amount of cardboard. Looking ahead, Dockry is projecting the use of solar panels on ENJOY’s warehouse roofs. The logistics of installation and permits is currently being assessed.

The global headquarters for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute are in a LEED-certified green building, as recognized by the US Green Building Council. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices.
Being in a LEED-certified building allows Dermalogica  and its headquarters to reduce energy use such as gas, electricity and HVAC.
Dermalogica packaging is recyclable, photodegradable or biodegradable, with recycling programs at headquarters, concept spaces and IDI locations.

Dermalogica has also launched a reusable retail bag worldwide at Dermalogica concept spaces to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Matrix proudly supports The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program, which addresses two of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges—climate change and habitat loss—by planting trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges. Each  contribution of approximately $8 per tree helps support the fund’s climate change programs. Visit for details.

The staff at Sam Villa was interested in developing a virtual corporate office to reduce their carbon footprint. “This drastically minimizes the consumption of office products and utilities such as paper, ink and electricity,” says Kurt Garehime, founding partner and president of Allvus LLC, which does business as Sam Villa. “We also utilize the latest technology in telecommunications to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon emissions.”

XFusion uses a rare wool-based source that is a perfect hair-thickening protein. XFusion uses colored organic fibers made of pure keratin protein, the same protein in human hair, to add thickness to thinning hair.

Light the Way is a limited-edition soy wax candle sold during April in honor of Earth Month to raise funds and awareness for clean water rights across the globe. This year’s candle, coinciding with Aveda’s 30th anniversary, features a new, French-inspired stress-relieving aroma formulated with certified-organic ingredients, including lavender, lavandin and clary sage. The candle provides a meaningful way to support clean water rights for only $10. For more details, visit or call 800-644-4831.

SpaRitual actively participates in The Big Green Box Recycling Program, which makes it easier for companies and their employees to recycle hazardous materials such as batteries and electronics without unnecessary paperwork or disposal fees. In addition to using incoming packaging materials for outgoing product packaging, SpaRitual uses eco-friendly paper stuffing, composed from 35-percent post-consumer recycled paper and pulp from unused wood chips at sawmills.
The company also uses soy-based inks, environmentally friendly papers, and high-efficiency lamps and electronic ballasts.
SpaRitual products are 100-percent vegan, aren’t tested on animals and, in March 2008, launched Aware, a limited-edition nail lacquer shade with a portion of the proceeds earmarked to support environmental initiatives.

OPI works with suppliers to design packaging based on the following principles: Facilitating recycling by reducing the variety of raw materials involved; labeling product with component details and recyclability; continually involving packaging suppliers in efforts to produce environmentally sound packaging; reducing the variety of plastics employed; and using plastics of similar composition.

OPI has a strict policy of recycling waste material generated in the manufacturing process, monitoring energy consumption and, where practical, adopts new technologies for improving energy efficiency.

KMS California avoids aerosols whenever possible; Quick Finish is an example of an eco-friendly alternative to aerosol hairspray. All final formulas are cruelty-free. The company also offers alcohol-free products, replaces synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients when it won’t compromise performance, and all packaging is PVC-free and recyclable.

Pravana takes special care in limiting the amount of volatile organic compounds contained in its hair care products. Pravana’s proprietary Naturceutical Complex utilizes nine Meso-American botanicals that nourish and promote hair’s health and wellness, and three advanced hydrolyzed proteins to increase strength, elasticity and shine. Formulas contain silk proteins, human hair keratin and wheat proteins.

FHI Heat’s goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes for its styling tools to perform and, in the process, save millions of watts of electricity each day. They developed irons and hair dryers to use 50-percent less electricity than consumer products and 30-percent less than professional brands.
In 2009, FHI Heat launched a line of new styling irons called the “Do More” series, distinguished by different colored plates and packaging, each color denoting a specific charitable cause including: Trees for our Future, which plants trees in developing countries globally; and The Samburu Project, which helps drill new wells in Kenya to provide clean, safe drinking water.

Joico began a multi-phased initiative to use wind-generated turbines to power its Geneva, New York, manufacturing facility. By 2011, the turbines will not only generate 100 percent of the facility’s electrical demands, but will also provide clean, efficient energy to residents and local businesses.
The company will utilize innovative new blow molding techniques that produce state-of-the-art, gradated packaging and contain up to 70-percent post-consumer recycled materials. Joico has reduced oil consumption by revamping scheduling and routing, and even redirected a key rail spur to further consolidate shipments—a move that will eliminate 1,400 shipments and save 40,000 gallons of fuel. “We are committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint,” says Sara Jones, senior VP and general manager. “Recyclable packaging and increased transportation efficiencies in order to reduce oil consumption are two of the most critical contributors to these goals.”
The plant also reduced water usage by five percent per unit, has a new waste water treatment program, and a comprehensive electricity conservation program that reduces consumption by 70 percent.

In March 2009, Aware Personalized Branding reformulated its Color Retention System to make the entire line 100-percent vegan, using sulfate-free shampoos and paraben-free preservative systems. Shea Butter is used to add a protective moisture barrier to the hair. Plant proteins replenish the strength and resilience of youthful hair.

Certified organic extracts condition the hair and provide luminous shine.

Aware Personalized Branding has made several updates to its facility to benefit the environment. The roof of the manufacturing facility was replaced with a greener alternative that produces less heat; the central air units have been replaced with energy efficient models; energy efficient lighting is used throughout the facility; and they have adopted an extensive recycling program.

As a 2009 winner of the Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence in Energy Management, JCPenney constantly seeks out ways to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The launch of Simply Green, the designation of eco-friendly products, helps customers make choices that respect the environment by identifying products made with organic, renewable or recycled material. As new stores are constructed, JCP strives to maximize efficiency and minimize the use of resources and energy, and invests in retrofitting existing stores with more efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems.

This year, Mirabella Beauty will meet consumer demand by transitioning to healthier formulas. One step will be removing parabens, talc, FD&C and D&C dyes from cosmetics, to ensure products are as healthy for the skin as they are beautiful.

Also this year, Mirabella Beauty is moving to a new headquarters. They’ve chosen a “smart” facility combined with energy-conscious practices such as working from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to take advantage of cooler temperatures in the summer and more light in the winter. Heating, lighting and air conditioning will be minimized, conserving energy.

With the creation of Sexy Hair Organics, the company has made a strong commitment to developing the greenest products possible. “An integral part of the development process was the packaging, and we wanted to make a true difference by taking the right steps to be environmentally friendly,” the company says. “To achieve this, we’ve used post-consumer recycled material in all our Sexy Hair Organics bottles. Each package is made with between 25-percent and 35-percent post-consumer resources.”
The line contains up to 95-percent organic ingredients, with all scented products infused with a fragrance that combines mimosa, lily, sage and Pureganic extracts—an organic essential oil grown and extracted in compliance with USDA guidelines.

P&G Professional Care, parent company of Clairol,  was named one of The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in 2009, with projects such as “Eco-Solidariedade” in Brazil, which helps encourage recycling while also supporting underprivileged children.

This initiative encourages salons to recycle aluminum tubes of Wella hair color products through an incentive program. The proceeds are used to support vocational training at Casa de Menor, an orphanage for underprivileged children that offers career training. In less than one year, salons collected 240,000 aluminum tubes and 800 salons took part in the initiative.

At Pet Silk Incorporated, only the safest and most natural shampoos and conditioners for pets are manufactured. All of the company’s products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, using only natural products in formulas. Since Pet Silk strongly believes in a “go green” attitude, at least 90 percent of its shipping containers and materials are manufactured from recycled products.

The new Hot Tools dryer motors are designed to be energy efficient, using up to 15-percent less energy without compromising heat or airflow. Nano-silver inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, active against most pathogens, yeasts, fungi, molds and mildew. Silver is a natural element—non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-cumulative—causing no harm to the environment. In addition, Hot Tools uses recycled product in their packaging, reducing the amount of landfill and waste.

NovaLash’s Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive is made with pharmaceutical-grade adhesives--and is free of formaldehyde.
The majority of adhesive raw materials are made in China and bottled in China or Korea, where safe-manufacturing practices may differ from those in the U.S. When lash extension adhesives are not properly purified and packaged, formaldehyde can form in the bottle before it even reaches the consumer.

Novalash’s adhesive is made in the U.S. and the company purifies and bottles its adhesives with no exposure to contaminants.

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