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From the Bumble and bumble Style Book

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 7:09 PM

Razor Sharp

“There might be a credit crunch,” says Bumble and bumble’s Howard McLaren, vice president and senior artistic director, “but there really is not a creative crunch.”

 From the Bumble and bumble Style Book

Bumble’s new Bb Razor.

McLaren and his team from Bumble and bumble recently released a new collection for the 2,800 salons in their network. “This is a re-launch of our classics. All looks have been updated without changing the ideas behind them.”

According to McLaren, the timing is perfect for the re-launch. “Beauty has changed. What was beautiful 20 years ago is not beautiful now—we are not cookie-cutter hair cutters.”

One way McLaren is addressing the “new” beauty is by model selection. “Today it’s all about customization and suitability. We ‘street’ cast because we want different personalities. I took the challenge and went to the street and found fantastic models. It’s all about fitting the hair cut to the character.”  

The new looks are created with the new Bb Razor, launched this past month. For this collection, an old scissor technique was applied to the razor. 

“The texture is softer and more jagged, but not spikey,” says McLaren. “This allows carving, sculpting and versatility; and the razor offers more lengths and movement. We’ve reinvented the way to use razors. There is a range in lengths.  I don’t use the word ‘layers’ anymore—it’s offering a wider range of textures.” 

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 From the Bumble and bumble Style Book

A razored cut from Bumble.

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