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Business Idea: Lash Demo

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:09 PM
Go-getter nail technician Ebony Murdock has free rein to create her own business-building promos, proving her employer is as smart as she is. Her recent open house for NovaLash ( services, complete with demo and refreshments, served several purposes.

Name of salon: Beyond the Fringe
Locations: Hillsborough and Skillman, New Jersey

Bright idea: Invite clients to see NovaLashes applied during a fun social event. Promote the event in-house, on the salon’s website and even to other salons. Murdock asked competitors if they did the service and invited them to come by because “the more salons that know about it, the greater demand will be.”

Why it works: During the demo, attendees saw the instant, total transformation. Circulating later, Murdock met new, potential clients and promoted her next open house, for Minx Nails (—heat-activated, no-dry-time nail foils.

Bottom line: 25 attendees and, within a day, two bookings for $250 Nova Lash applications. Several sign-ups for next month’s Minx Nails open house, where attendees’ names will go into a hat for demo-model privileges.

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