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Hang 10

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 7:09 PM

Summers at the beach - could there be anything better?

Heck yeah! How about summers at the beach with a gorgeous lifeguard, great hair and a flawless set of nails?

Beauty Director Maggie Mulhern landed the plum assignment of flying to L.A. to shoot literal interpretations of some of OPI's favorite shades, including the perfect pale pink, "Suzi and the Lifeguard." The models also paid homage to shiny silver "Birthday Babe," royal purple "Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not" and cinnamon-shaded "Baguette Me Not."

OPI Guest Artist Eleanor Victor, who was responsible for creating the four nail looks, gives you the scoop on creating her perfect ten.
1. After properly preparing nails, affix OPI's Perfection tip to the nail with OPI ThinSet Nail Adhesive.
2. Trim to the desired length using the OPI QuickCut Nail Tip Trimmer.
3. Blend tip if needed and shape edges with an OPI EDGE Silver 180 File.
4. Remove dust with The Fluffy, cleanse nails with NAS. 99 and allow to dry completely.
5. Apply one coat only each of BondAid and Bondex, to the natural nail.
6. Overlay nails and tips using the 1 Bead Overlay method.
7. Contour and shape nails with an OPI EDGE 180 File. Refine surfaces with the Flex 100/180 file.

Hang 10

8. Dust with The Fluffy, and cleanse nails with N.A.S. 99.
9. Apply one coat of Acrylic Nail Base Coat.

Hang 10

10. Apply two coats of OPI Nail Lacquer (Birthday Babe).

Hang 10

11. Apply one coat of RapiDry Top Coat.
12. Mist nails with RapiDry Spray.

Hang 10

Hang 10

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Check out the July '09 issue of Modern to see more pictures from the shoot!

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