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Wild Wednesdays

Stacey Soble | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM

When it comes to building a client community, Phillipo Caporrella, owner of Phillipostyle in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, believes in a party atmosphere.
    For his Wild Wednesday events, he dims the salon's normal lights and bumps up the club lighting. A 14-foot projection wall sets the mood with footage of fashion shows. Each week a different DJ mixes the tunes, giving each event its own unique flavor. The club-like atmosphere combined with discounted hair and nail services equal an offeWild Wednesdaysr many clients can't resist.
    "We market it as an alternative night out," says Caporrella. "Many of the residents in our area are university students in an intensive education program, physicians or professionals-they're overwhelmed by academics or their jobs, and like the idea of not having to go out-out."
    As a side-benefit, the weekly event provides a relaxed way for prospective staff to get a feel for the salon, who works there, and how things are done. Caporrella's already picked up two new employees from his Wednesday night guest list. "In fact one night, 8-10 stylists from other salons showed up and ended up staying for a late-night style jam session," he says.
    But stylists aren't the only ones leveraging the chance to check out the neighborhood's newest salon. "The event-like atmosphere encourages new clients to come in without feeling like they are cheating on their existing establishment," he explains. "They can come in on the down-low for a blowout and get a sense of our culture."

Phillipostyle Hair Studio is also one of the Salons of Distinction in Salons of the Year 2009. Check out more pictures of the salon here.

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