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Space is Money

Stacey Soble | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM
If you don't have the money to expand right now, but you're looking for a new revenue stream for your salon, here's a quick and free solution: Roll up your sleeves, grab a broom and clean out that storage room.

Determined to enhance profitability in her salon, Tracey McHugh utilized existing office and storage space to create a semi-private environment for special clients. The owner of Alluring Designs, in Murrysville, PA, then expanded its her menu to include wig services and hair extensions. And, she added hairpieces and clip-in extensions to the salon’s retail offerings. “Now, we can offer wigs and hair extensions for women who need them due to health reasons or those who just want a quick and temporary color or style change,” she says.    

By partnering with the American Cancer Society, the salon was able to offer patients $75 to put toward new wigs. “Not only does this give us the ability to help those going through a difficult time feel better about themselves, but we’re bringing in a whole new segment of clientele and introducing them to the rest of the services we have to offer,” says McHugh.

Now that the salon established the extra room, McHugh’s found it also serves as additional work space for bridal parties, proms and homecoming events. “And with the added income from this new area, we have future plans to add on a mineral makeup bar to further boost retail sales,” she says.

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