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Shaggy to Chic

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM

Do you have a male client in desperate need of a good makeover? Here’s the summer’s hottest how-to from one of the beauty industry’s hottest stars. Charlie Price, Rusk consultant and owner of Click Salon in Denver brought his right-hand woman, Lisa Vann, owner of Etherea Salon and Spa in Seattle, to help him create this ultra-cool look for men at an exclusive MODERN SALON shoot in New York City. Check out the August issue of MODERN for the color steps for this cut!

Shaggy to Chic
Shaggy to Chic
Before: Model Jeffrey sports a grown-out, shaggy cut and scruffy beard.

Shaggy to Chic
After: Whether he’s going for a job interview or a night on the town, Jeffrey has a style that will make everyone look twice.

How To:
Shaggy to Chic
Step 1: Begin the cut in the back of the head, along the occipital. Take vertical sections out from the head and chip into the ends, cutting to the desired length.

Shaggy to Chic
Step 2: At the sides, pull horizontal sections out from the head and elevate slightly. Point cut into the ends, cutting to the desired length.

Shaggy to Chic
Step 3: Blend down into the nape, cutting in the same manner.

Shaggy to Chic
Step 4: Overdirect the hair from a side parting and point cut at the ends, cutting to blend.

Shaggy to Chic
Step 5: Using straight shears, clean up the line around the ear, cutting against the skin.

Shaggy to Chic
Step 6: Direct all the hair back to the nape and cut to clean up the line.

Hair: Charlie Price and Lisa Vann
Photos: Roberto Ligresti
Grooming: David Maderich for Halley Resources and
Fashionstyling: Carlton Jones

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