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Interview with Daniel Holzberger, NAHA Finalist

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM
Interview with Daniel Holzberger, NAHA FinalistDaniel Holzberger

understands rejection. The Creative Director at Van Michael Salon in Atlanta ( has been a North American Hairstyling Awards finalist in the Avant Garde category for four years straight (no small feat), but has yet to win the big prize (he's also had eight NAHA nominations during this time).

In addition to his Avant Garde nomination this year, Holzberger is also a finalist in this year's Editorial Stylist category. Here, Holzberger shares with us his passion for NAHA and why he keeps entering.

MODERN SALON: What motivates you to enter every year?
Daniel Holzberger: It's not the award that motivates me, it's the art of doing something new in hair-the product creates the entry.

MS: How do you come up with something different every year?
DH: I am constantly thinking of creating art. I am always coming up with ideas that I sketch down. Some good, most bad, but still they are ideas that keep me interested in my craft.

MS: Why do you pursue the Avant Garde category?
DH: I love creating new looks in hair. However, the only way to make a true artistic masterpiece is to come up with something new and groundbreaking and the Avant Garde category supports that.

MS: How do you feel about being the Susan Lucci of the NAHA awards?
DH: I wish I had the paycheck she got for 20 years of Erika Kane on All My Children! I don't mind. I am one of those people who say that second place is the first loser, but last time I checked, being the loser at the Superbowl still means you got an invite to the big dance.

MS: Do you work with the same team every year?
DH: There are always moving parts to the team; however, the core has stayed the same. I have kept the same photographer, Babak, for all four years and he really has pushed me to keep getting better each year. The other person who has stayed consistent is my fiancée, Sevin. She always reminds me that there is always someone out there trying to break new ground.

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