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5 Tips to Attract New Waxing Clients & Keep Them

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM

It’s a highly profitable service and if you’re good at it, you can develop quite a loyal clientele. Here are five of the best ways to build your waxing client list and keep them coming back.

1. Start with internal marketing.
You can achieve this by simply putting up signs in your spa or salon with clever teases. For example, try one at all the hairdressing stations advertising your Brazilian waxes with, “Dare to go bare? See the Brazilian expert.” It’s an almost cost-free way to get the word out in your workplace, says waxing expert Shala Dveirin.

2. Develop a frequent-user card.
Reward clients for frequent visits, whether it’s for brows or bikini’s. “I take one of my business cards and I put a sticker on the back where I sign off on each service,” says Dveirin. “After they come in six times for, say, a brow wax, they then get a free brow wax. It rewards clients for coming in, but it is also a great way to get clients to be consistent.”

3. Get new clients using referral cards.
Referrals are hands-down one of the best ways to get new business! Here’s what Dveirin does: Take four of your business cards with your client’s name written on the back. Ask your client to refer people to you by giving them one of the cards. Have the new client bring in the card when she visits for the first time, then give 10-percent off the service. Contact your client who made the referral, thank her for it and give her the same discount on her next service.

4. Create special events and promotions.
Be a do-gooder, while promoting your services, by hosting a waxing charity event. Have clients come in, pay a discounted amount for a waxing service, and then donate all the money raised to the charity you’ve chosen. Make sure to send out press releases on the event to the local TV and radio stations. It’s all about getting yourself out there and being seen, says Dveirin.

5. Seek out continuing education—and be proud of it!
Having advanced education and training in your field shows you’ve gone the extra mile and allows you to call yourself an expert. This is like graduate school in the beauty industry, says Dveirin, so get advanced education, get certifications and be a specialist.
Waxing expert Shala Dveirin is a licensed esthetician working in the Phoenix area.

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