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Not Your Ordinary Bob

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:10 PM

Are you ready to give some edge to your clients with bobs? This bob with sky-high angles and a dramatic fringe is just the ticket - as well as one of the most dramatic bobs we've ever seen! Frank Izquertzo of Prive salon in Miami created the look. To achieve it, follow these steps:
Not Your Ordinary Bob Not Your Ordinary Bob
1.  Isolate the fringe. Cut blunt line to desired length. Release weight from fringe with "Back Cutting" technique. This means cutting the hair in a back combing fashion.

2.  With the head tilted forward, create a severe a-line section from low crown to bottom of the ear and a high diagonal forward ending at the tip of the ear.

3. Starting at the central profile point, elevate the section at 45 degrees and back cut the section. (Depending on density, work deeper into the section)

4. With pivoting diagonal forward sections continue on both sides with the corners over directed slightly.

5. Drop the top section of the  hair. Again, start at the central profile from the bottom perimeter line you originally started.

6. With the elevation starting at 45 degrees, back cut the shape with a traveling progressive movement ending at 90 degrees to the head

7.  Continue on both sides.

8. Blow dry the hair and cut the angled line dry.

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