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Thin is Out, Fat is In

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 7:11 PM

Especially for female clients, thinning hair is a scary beauty problem. As their stylist, you can often provide them with help and information, whether it's a new cut or recommending the proper products. Luckily, there are more products than ever before for helping thinning hair. One of the very newest is Pravana Naturceuticals' BIOJEN 9 line.

According to Pravana, there are three natural reasons why hair might not reach its full growth potential:
1. Dehydrotestisterine (DHT), a natural hormone present in both men and women, can miniaturize the hair follicle, resulting in a slowing or cessation of hair growth.
2. Insufficient circulation to the hair follicle that can minimize the potential of hair growth.
3. An excess of dead scalp issue or natural sebum around the hair follicle can restrict hair growth and lessen the ability of the hair to properly anchor.

Their new line -- comprising four products -- targets all three conditions with its Progamine-T Complex, with the result being longer, faster-growing, stronger hair.

Thin is Out, Fat is InInvigorating Cleanse, a sulfate-free formula, naturallycleanses hair without stripping scalp or hair of vital moisture andessential nutrients and is color safe. Daily Therapy conditioner restores and preserves the condition of hair and scalp. ScalpEnergize is a formula that puts hair in a healthy state for optimal hairgrowth. Hair and Scalp Rejuvenator includes a mega-dose ofPravana's Progamine-T Complex to help stimulate and nurture the hairfollicle and invigorate the scalp.

Ingredients in the line include:
- Apigenin, which improves the microcirculation of blood to nourish the hair follicle.
- Oleanolic acid, which lessens the effects of DHT, helping to prolong the growth phase.
- Biotinyl tri-peptide to help improve hair's anchoring.
- Alpha Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate the scalp of dead tissue, which helps increase circulation.
- Plus, nine natural botanicals and nutrients found to be stimulating and nourishing to hair and scalp.

Check out, or call Pravana's technical hotline at 800-957-5629.

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