NAHA 20 Live

Melissa Hill | July 10, 2011 | 7:11 PM

We were tweeting and updating our Facebook fan page live from NAHA 20 this past weekend and we got great responses from people who weren’t at the show but followed us live. If you missed out, here’s an excerpt from our posts – with pictures of what was going on at the show. Don’t miss out at future events and shows. Follow us on Twitter and become a fan of Modern on Facebook!

To see a full list of winners and their work, go to NAHA 20: Big, Bold and 20 Years Old!

NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Here we go! Welcome to NAHA 20! This place is packed. Rumor has it that there are 1,500 attendees packed in.
9:59 PM Jul 19th
NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Artistic presentations by Nicholas French and Maureen Anlauf. Vivienne Mackinder will be receiving the lifetime achievement award.
10:05 PM Jul 19th
NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Gorgeous presentation from Nicholas French, celebrating avant garde. Check out under blogs later tonight to see pics.
10:23 PM Jul 19th

@modernsalon Texture award being presented first by John Simpson.
10:37 PM Jul 19th
NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon And the winner is...Shawna Parvin!
10:38 PM Jul 19th

@modernsalon New award category announced for 2010 NAHA: Salon Business Award!
10:44 PM Jul 19th

@modernsalon 2009 Avant Garde excited for this one!
10:46 PM Jul 19th

NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Here we go...phenomenal work by all the nominees by the way...the winner of Avant Garde is...Darian Bishop!
10:48 PM Jul 19th

NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Hall of Leaders inductee Geno Stampora: "I think the most important question in the world is, 'where could you be if you really tried?'"
10:57 PM Jul 19th
NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Our publisher Steve Reiss and associate publisher Michele Musgrove up to accept the Founders' Award, along with Ann Mincey and Redken.
11:19 PM Jul 19th
NAHA 20 Live
@modernsalon Master Stylist award goes to Brian and Sandra Smith! They are super excited!
11:21 PM Jul 19th
@modernsalon Modern editor Laurel Smoke introduces the Fashion Forward award. Winner also gets a photo shoot with Modern.
11:55 PM Jul 19th

NAHA 20 Live 

@modernsalon The winner is...Faatemah Ampey! With only the best speech ever!
11:56 PM Jul 19th

@modernsalon Ampey gives a shout out "to God, for creating Johnny Depp -- but that's just a personal thing."

11:57 PM Jul 19th

@modernsalon Hairstylist of the Year award being presented by last year's winner, Charlie Price. He did the August cover of Modern fyi. Keep an eye out!
12:22 AM Jul 20th

NAHA 20 Live 
@modernsalon This is the biggie! And the winner is...Richard St. Laurent!
12:25 AM Jul 20th

Photos by Eric Hoffman

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