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Color Splashing Techniques

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:11 PM

Frances DuBose, owner of London Hair in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, has found a new way to deliver a more efficient color service to her clients.

"What we determined was how to do the least amount of foiling for the biggest impact," says DuBose. "The new Color Splashing techniques we developed create a couture color, which grows out slower, extending clients' visits by two weeks."
How is the new technique impacting business? "It's something no one nearby is doing and we're booked weeks in advance with happy clients and ongoing referrals."

The technique is based on hair's length and design. Colorists spend extra time on design analysis, less on foiling. For example, one brunette client got a few pre-lightened foils that were toned with scarlet and placed to enhance her curl. The entire service was one hour and will last six to eight weeks.

DuBose created a DVD detailing eight unique color designs, step by steps and formulas. Here's a sneak peek at one of her looks from the video:

Mojave Color Splashing: Alternate All Nutrient's 6IC (Intense Copper) and 6CH (Chocolate) and 7R (Ruby), slicing and weaving above occipital bone. Apply colors, alternating as you foil from left to right, then right to left.
To order the DVD, visit or call 800-221-3496.

Color: Elyse Garfinkel

Color Splashing Techniques Color Splashing Techniques
Before (left) and after.

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