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Control the Chatter

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:12 PM

In tough times, it’s even more important to send the right message to clients. How you talk to clients can shape their overall impression about the success of your salon and your business, and shift their future behavior.

Recently, Frank Zona, owner of Zona Salons and Spas in Norwell, Massachusetts, overheard a stylist commiserating about tough times with a client. When the client asked how the salon was doing, the stylist responded that the salon was experiencing a slowdown as clients stretched appointments.

“After the client left, I pulled him aside and said, ‘What were you talking about? We just had one of our best years, and you were up more than 20 percent,’” says Zona. “Turns out he felt obligated to mirror the client’s negative conversation.

“Even if your clients are appointment stretching, you can respond positively with something like, ‘I am so grateful to be in the service business and to be doing something that people really value. For a relatively low cost, I can provide something that really makes people feel better,’” he advises.

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