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Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole

Melissa Hill | July 10, 2011 | 7:12 PM

The hair journey continues…this week bride-to-be and editor of Modern, Laurel Smoke, and I journeyed to the Chicago suburb of Lake Zurich to visit
Salon Coccole

for her second uber updo. We also picked up some great hair and make-up advice to share with you as you approach your fall wedding and homecoming season.

First, the hair. Stylist Jim is a master at updos for the salon: "I hardly touched updos in school, but when I tested out a mentor told me it is all playing. Develop your own style and play, play, play. Also, learn the rules first, then you can go back and break them!" He says he likes to use the homecoming and prom seasons as his "research and development time."


1. First, he sectioned off the hair, using Eufora Illuminate Shine Spray on the strands to start.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole
2. He had Laurel flip her head over to create a walking braid starting at the nape of the neck and building to encompass the back third of the hair. It was similar to a loose french braid, but in reverse. He used Davines N'7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer to keep hair in place.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole
3. After secruing the braid, he curled individual tendrils with a one-inch curling iron over the top and sides of the head to give texture and set the foundation.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole 
4. After the curls cooled, he teased and backcombed the hair to build it big as a base.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole 
5. Next, he sleeked the tops of the curls and began pinning them into place.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole 
6. As he built up the sides and top of the hair, he began using a latchook to weave individual curls in and out, and on top of each other. He described the tool as the best way to pull strands through existing structures smoothly.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole
7. Jim pinned the curls mid-way down the hair strand, leaving the ends free to curl.

Wedding Updo #2, Salon Coccole 
8. He finished by weaving the sideswept bangs back securely, then spraying the hair with Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray.

9. Done!

Laurel's make-up was done by Jessica Sawicki, a freelance artist who works with Salon Coccole and is also the founder of Bomber Betty, her own make-up line. She decided on a smokey eye in the plum family for Laurel, but added in some shimmer on the center of the lid for interest and warmth. You can find her make-up line and her make-up services online at or on Facebook at Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics. FYI -- her sassy logo (below) was inspired by her husband's Navy career, and was designed by one of his Navy buddies.

The Finished Look

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