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Pravana Naturceuticals

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:15 PM

Nature Power

An eco-friendly line, Pravana Naturceuticals, brings together nature and technology to produce formulas that comply with state and federal environmental regulations. With its proprietary Naturceutical Complex, Pravana supplies only “good-for-the-hair and good-for-the-air” (and planet) ingredients, meeting or exceeding Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board regulations.

Pravana products limit volatile organic compounds which contribute to ground level smog, and are associated with products such as hair sprays, gels and mousses, both from aerosol cans or spray pumps. Formulas contain silk proteins, human hair keratin, wheat proteins with no phthalates and no animal by-product ingredients. Shampoos are sulfate- and sulfite-free. All products are free of MEA and DEA and meet strict environmental regulations.

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