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Re:nu Age Defy

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:15 PM

Stop the Clock for Hair

Re:nu Age Defy

The largest group of clients, Baby Boomers (ages 44 to 62), have discovered that just as their skin ages, so does their hair. When Joico researchers learned that more than 90 percent of women over 45 complained their hair changed significantly with age, they set to create an age-fighting technology that has become the heart of the company's new Re:nu Age Defy line of hair care, styling and color products.

Working in tandem with anti-aging skin care experts at parent company Shiseido, researchers formulated the Age Defy complex, which fights signs of aging such as visible thinning, increased brittleness and graying.

The line's keystone is Re:nual Serum, a daily treatment that inhibits the signs of graying and creates the optimal environment to grow healthier, shinier, more youthful hair. Joico researchers say clients can expect stronger hair in two to six weeks and fewer grays in two to four months. A reduction in gray with gradual restoration of natural color can occur after six months' use, they report.

The Re:nu hair care and styling line, which contains the Age Defy complex, offers two regimens: "Softness and Manageability" shampoo, conditioner and primer for coarse, wiry hair, and "Fullness and Body" pre-treatment, shampoo and primer for fine, limp hair.

Stylers include Volumizing Foam, Bodifying Lotion, Controlling Crème and Styling and Finishing Spray, and feature the Age Defy complex as well as Re:nu's two signature fragrances.

Vero K-Pak Age Defy hair color employs much of the same technology as the hair care line and works with Re:nu to create higher-quality, longer-lasting results for clients who color their hair.

Joico is mounting three educational formats to support the introduction of Re:nu. "Age Awareness," which explores the market and features a hands-on color class utilizing Vero K-Pak Age Defy color; "Re:nu In-Salon," which shows how to maximize retail dollars from the client group and "Re:nu Consumer Salon Experience," which explains how to market to aging clients.

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Did You Know?

It's all downhill after 20. Joico and Shiseido researchers have discovered that hair's resistance to breakage starts to decline in your early twenties. Both men and women display visible thinning and graying in their forties. By the time you're 65, you'll see a 50-percent reduction in scalp sebum, meaning less moisture and shine, from the time you were 45.


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