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pHormulate's After Color Shampoo

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:15 PM

Memphis, TN - pHormulate, the manufacturers of AMMONIA FREE Color and Highlighting System, announces the launch of its After Color Shampoo 1a and After Color Conditioner 2a. This unique shampoo with a pH of 5.09 and conditioner with a pH of 4.23 preserves color and restores hair to a healthier condition after each color service. Since preserving hair color is always a challenge, pHormulate created a shampoo and conditioner to help prevent color loss, adjust the hairs' pH after a color service while achieving the first step toward clean and healthy hair. 

After Color Shampoo 1a balances each strand with the proper pH. Its gentle but thorough cleansing immediately seals the cuticle, restores shine and extends the life of your color. After Color Conditioner 2a contains silicones with the proper pH to smooth and close the hair shaft for easier combing, color retention and shine. Hair instantly feels healthy and rejuvenated.  Both products offer UV protection to maintain a healthy appearance and protect hair from the drying affects of the sun and environment. The duo is ideal for all hair types.

pHormulate's After Color Shampoo and Conditioner contain ingredients such as sage, rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass and goldenseal combined with *ChromaGuard Technology (patent pending).

*ChromaGuard Technology (patent pending) is a unique blend of reducing and non-reducing disaccharides and SRT (Saccharide Replacement Therapy) created to repair, strengthen and provide additional bound moisture to all hair types. As hair encounters repeated environmental exposure and chemical stress, its natural sugar content is reduced making the hair dry, brittle and porous.  
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