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Semis, Demis and Permanent Shades

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 7:23 PM

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In the world of hair color, product lines are continually evolving. This month two industry experts share the newest information in semis, demis and permanent shades. Mia Liguori McHugh, Scruples director of product development and Lynette Asson, senior academy manager from KPSS Inc. (Goldwell and KMS California) weigh in.



Semis, Demis and Permanent Shades

McHugh: True Integrity Opalescent Colour Creme. Scruples has developed a totally new and unique base for hair color. Traditionally when creating a hair color line the chemist must select whether to make an opaque or translucent color. Opaque colors give 100-percent coverage, but tend to be matte, where translucent colors are very shiny, but give more blended coverage. We've created a new category of opalescent color base that provides the coverage of opaque with the shine of  translucent.

Asson: Goldwell's Elumen hair color completes its color palette with new Elumen Yellow, allowing for endless mixing opportunities. Elumen's innovative technology optimizes hair protection and works without oxidization and ammonia for ultimate gentle coloring, superb shine and vibrant intensity with long-lasting durability.


McHugh: Inventory reduction. By carrying a reduced amount of inventory in the salon and mixing colors to create the shades, the salon is turning over the color inventory more quickly and therefore becoming more profitable. True Integrity Opalescent Colour Crème has 63 shades. We offer a reduced inventory option; True Integrity Mixing, where the salon would carry a reduced inventory and mix tubes of color to create all the shades offered.

Semis, Demis and Permanent Shades

Asson: Oxycur Platin Highlights provide beautiful blonde highlights with optimum hair protection. This ammonia-free lightening system offers a creamy consistency that stays where you put it and lifts up to six levels. The Highlighting Cream's Coenzyme Technology neutralizes free radicals to reduce hair damage. Goldwell's new Colorglow [IQ] line  is the first hair care range that truly understands color. Tailor-made color care conditions and protects specific to the professional color service you have provided.





McHugh: Making more money! Scruples has designed True Integrity Opalescent Colour Crème to work simultaneously with our Blazing Highlighting System which can lift one to seven levels through natural or color-treated hair and deposit permanent hair color in a single step. When a colorist uses these two systems in the salon they will be able to highlight, lowlight and provide full coverage all in a single process. We are applying the True Integrity Opalescent Colour Crème from scalp to ends and highlighting directly on top of the color while it is processing and achieving unbelievable results.

Asson: Colorance Browns from Goldwell offers ultra-shine, demipermanent hair color without ammonia. It allows you to provide multi-dimensional, natural brown results with optimum shine to 60 percent of your color clients-brunettes! New fashion shades offer intensive warm brown beige, enriched with gold, or cool jade brown with matte, marble-like undertones for the ultimate in creativity.


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