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Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 7:24 PM

Swimsuit season may be coming to an end, but it was in full swing at the Miami Swim Suit Show. Although the fashions may have been minimal, the hair was at maximum volume. Our favorite looks came from the Ed Hardy Show.

"The clothes were strong and I wanted a lot of visual impact from the hair," said Sam Leonardi of Rusk, who helped style the models. Sam and his team used three different sizes of irons to create "massive" hair. 

"We used small irons at the back to create ringlets and worked up to a 3/4-inch barrel at the top. The hair was brushed using my DaVinci Pin Cushion Paddle Brush and then sprayed heavily with Rusk W8less Hair Spray."

On the Sylvie Cachay stage, lead stylist Omar Lopez for GHD decided to utilize mini-irons to create a 1970's yacht club look. Using the GHD IV mini-styler, Lopez curled small sections, alternating from left to right. At the crown, the hair was curled from midshaft to ends.

"This created a bit of a root drag," said Lopez. "It allowed for a sleeker and polished crown. The ends were teased to create volume and texture."

The hair was then sprayed with GHD ultimate hairspray and finished with GHD polishing serum. 


Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

Big, beautiful and wild was the look at the Ed Hardy Show.


Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

Beach blonde and a little messy without being frizzy sums up this style.


Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

This sleek, sexy style proves men can have great, beach-worthy hair, too.


Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

Hair pulled back behind one ear with an oversized flower creates extra drama.


Big Hair at Miami Swim Suit Show

Curls are diffused with fingers and then separated for maximum texture and volume.


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