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Rocco Altobelli Employees Teach Beauty Skills

Megan Vickery | July 10, 2011 | 7:24 PM

Compassion and talent merged when two Rocco Altobelli employees ventured to developing countries to teach women and children grooming techniques.

Janet Heezen, color technician, spent 10 days in Comayagua, Honduras, teaching basic hair cutting techniques, and health and grooming classes to the children at the Horgar Tiera Santa orphanage. She also instructed the girls on how to tweeze their eyebrows and apply nail polish.

Stylist Kaurie White spent two weeks in Heart, Afghanistan, teaching 10 women how to cut, color and style their own updos. The skills that were taught can be used to help the Afghani women open their own salons in the future.

Rocco Altobelli Employees Teach Beauty Skills

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