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Wella Color Charm Demi Shades

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:25 PM

Autumn Glaze Craze

Wella Color Charm Demi Shades

A glaze can add shine and richness to natural color

The debate about "raw" blonde is over; colorists who went to finishing school know that healthy shine glazes deliver what women want most. Good thing Wella Color Charm has four new demipermanent shades in high-demand gold, warm and ash-blonde tones. Not only are they the answer to glazing, toning and blending, they're also ideal for color-shy clients and corrective work that requires pre-pigmenting, such as tintbacks.

"I recently used the new demipermanent shades on the models in the Color Charm Urban Video DVD, and discovered that they are the perfect option to add richness and dimension to natural color by using a ‘layering' technique," says Teri Dougherty, Wella International top stylist. "Glazing with these shades is a fantastic way to add the ultimate finish to your hair color."

"Aging" hair is another issue that's in the spotlight of late, and Wella Color Charm Demi, which now has 23 intermixable shades, blends gray hair up to 50 percent. Anytime you need to replace depleted natural tones, Color Charm Demi shades also refresh faded color and add the shimmering tones of youth to highlights.

With "maintenance-free" color suiting the mood of the moment, demipermanent products offer another benefit: They help you show your clients you understand their needs in a value-based economy. For more information about Wella Color Charm Demi shades, visit or call 866-722-4146.

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