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JPMS Gathering Inspires and Educates

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 7:26 PM

On August 12, 2008, the Paul Mitchell family gathered at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas to share inspiration, education and lasting memories with more than 3,400 beauty professionals.

The show opened with a welcoming address from John Paul Dejoria, CEO of JPMS, and Co-owner Angus Mitchell. Dejoria shared the company's philanthropic activities, Nina Kovner, senior vice president of marketing, discussed the importance of service-driven marketing and Senior Vice President Creative Director Nanette Bercu introduced the next installment of JPMS' youth-oriented ad campaign "Head for Change." Entertainment included Paintjam performance art, an original vocal performance by Michael Muldoon and a local gospel group, and a hip-hop dance presentation by a Paul Mitchell-sponsored dance team.

And, what would a gathering be without the artists' presentations, featuring live demo performances by the JPMS superstars? The Angus M team, Scott Cole and Linda Yodice, artistic directors for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, Artistic Director Stephanie Kocielski, Robert Cromeans and Takashi Kitamura wowed the audience.

Day two gave stylists the chance to indulge in hands-on and interactive demo classes, where they learned tips and techniques to expand both their craft and their business.

JPMS Gathering Inspires and Educates
Stephanie Kocielski, Floyd Kenyatta, Robert Cromeans, Angus Mitchell and Linda Yodice join models onstage during the artistic finale at the 2008 JPMS Gathering.

JPMS Gathering Inspires and Educates
JPMS Co-Owner and stylist Angus Mitchell performs one of the cuts from his Eclipse Collection DVD.

The Professional Beauty Association has launched a series of web-based education with its Best Practice Club Web Workshops for salon and spa owners, managers and staff members. Through a partnership with Inyu Training, the 90-minute workshops offer new ways to increase profitability, retain staff, attract clients and become more productive. The sessions can be viewed live or recorded versions can be downloaded following the workshops. For more information, to register online, or to purchase recorded workshops, visit

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