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Doop Extremely Addictive Hairgear

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:26 PM
Hooked on Doop

The United Haircompany of Amsterdam has launched a line of street-smart styling products called Doop (pronounced "dope" in Dutch) that reflect the creative style of young city dwellers from Amsterdam to Tokyo to New York.

Doop Extremely Addictive Hairgear includes 11 styling and finishing products that feature serums, putties, pastes, gums and curl enhancers. The products are accompanied by Urban Edge, a youthful style collection with a unique look to represent each product.

The company has created a website for its salon customers that also allows salon clients to create a personal account online. For more information, visit

Doop Extremely Addictive Hairgear
Doop, a new collection of styling and finishing products from the Netherlands, caters to the young, urban-chic crowd. The Doop Urban Edge styling collection features a unique look for each product.

Doop Extremely Addictive Hairgear

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