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Intelligent Nutrients Debuts

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:26 PM
Intelligent Nutrients, a certified organic health and beauty care brand was introduced at a recent press event in New York City by founder Horst Rechelbacher. The brand includes seven aromatics, hair, scalp and styling products, and organic lip delivery nutrition. Intelligent Nutrients is slated to include a complete collection of body, pet, home and lifestyle products. Key to the brand is Intellimune, an immune-boosting, antioxidant supplement in oil and tablet form.

According to Rechelbacher, Intelligent Nutrients combines food and cosmetic chemistry to create a new beauty concept.

“We called it Nutritional Chemistry—it is based on using only certified organic food-derived ingredients—substances the body recognizes and readily assimilates as nutrients in the body,” he says.

Rechelbacher’s concept for the brand is based on his belief that “What we put on our bodies should be as safe and nutritious as what goes into our bodies.”

All ingredients are certified organic and contain no harsh chemicals, sulfates or heavy metals. For more information, visit

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