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Sudzzfx Launches Colourfix3 Complex

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:26 PM

has enhanced its products with a new formulation to protect and preserve color-treated hair. The Sudzzfx ColourFix3 Complex includes color-protecting ingredients and a new nano-emulsion technology with silicone particles that eliminate excess water absorption to reduce color fading. All Sudzzfx products now contain ColourFix3 Complex, along with the company's proprietary ingredients and certified botanicals to moisturize, smooth the hair's cuticle and combat cellular damage from free radicals.

The complete line of
Sudzzfx color-protecting products feature newly redesigned packaging of stylish matte gray with a prominent logo, personally designed by company founder and CEO J. Aris Koroyan.

Sudzzfx Launches Colourfix3 Complex
Sudzzfx products are sporting a sleek new look along with the newly formulated ColourFix3 Complex for enhanced color protection and fade reduction.

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