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Novalash Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive

Alicia Liotta | July 10, 2011 | 7:27 PM
Lash Lessons

MODERN takes a look at the ingredients that are in your favorite products. This month, the details on Novalash Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive.

Sometimes its not only what’s in the bottle, but what’s not in the bottle that matters. Novalash Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive is made in America with pharmaceutical-grade adhesives. What it’s missing is formaldehyde. The majority of adhesive raw materials are made in China and bottled in China or Korea, where safe-manufacturing practices may differ from those in the U.S. When lash extension adhesives are not properly purified and packaged, formaldehyde can form in the bottle before it even reaches the consumer.

Novalash purifies and bottles its adhesives with no exposure to contaminants. This type of sterile packaging prevents the formation of formaldehyde in the bottle and is unique to Novalash.

Novalash Platinum Bond Lash Adhesive

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