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Drying to a “T”

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:27 PM

This month, News Editor Jan Hillenmeyer talks about her favorite dryer.

"I've used my T3 Tourmaline dryer every day for as long as I've had it," says Hillenmeyer. "When this technology first hit the market, these dryers were mostly found backstage on the fashion runways. I'm not sure when I received my original T3, but it's worked like a charm for years. The first time I used it, I could not believe how quickly it dried my usually hard-to-dry hair.
In addition to speeding up my morning routine, the T3 is quiet, comfortable (never too hot) and dries hair without drying it out. I recommended it to my own hairdresser-she loves it, too. I pack the T3 every time I leave town and, just to be safe, I also have a T3 Evolution and a Featherweight as backups."

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