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Farouk Systems Hosts Distributors

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:27 PM

Farouk Systems recently brought more than 300 distributors to its recent International Distributors Conference at the company's headquarters in Houston. The event began with a dinner at the home of Founder Farouk Shami
 who hosted guests from more than 100 countries.

Attendees and members of the press were welcomed the next day at the new CHI Academy, Farouk Systems' new facility for classes, educator training and recertification and presentations by international guest artists.

Company President Shauky Gulamani introduced attendees to "Toolbox," the latest trend collection from Creative  Artistic Director Patrick Kalle as well as many new product introductions. InfraTech by CHI is a new tool line with ceramic irons and hair dryers. Velocity is offering a speed line anion ceramic hair dryer and Pro Porcelain Ceramic Hairstyling iron. The company is also introducing seven new conditioning oil treatments to add balance and shine and offer UV protection for all hair types.

Farouk Systems has always manufactured its liquid lines in Houston and in 2008 announced that it would begin manufacturing some tools there as well. Distributors were up dated on continuing efforts to assure that eventually all Farouk Systems' products will be "made in the USA."

Environmental initatives were also announced including advanced technologies to create hair dryers with low electromagnetic fields and the use of nano silver to eliminate many forms of surface bacteria.
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Farouk Systems Hosts Distributors
Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems, greets guests at the company's distributor meeting.

Farouk Systems Hosts Distributors
Shauky Gulamani, president of Farouk Systems, presents new products at the recent International Distributor Conference.

Farouk Systems Hosts Distributors
Attendees at the recent Farouk Systems Distributor Conference hear presentations at the CHI Academy, the company's new education and training facility.

Farouk Systems has always manufactured its liquid lines at the company's Houston headquarters. The corporate goal is for all Farouk Systems/CHI products to be "Made in the USA."

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