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New Foil Colors from Product Club

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:27 PM

Product Club's Pop-Up, ready-to-use hair coloring foils are now available in fuchsia and chartreuse. Perfect for tracking multiple color applications, these foils have a light texture to prevent slippage and a pre-folded center. The foils are packaged 400 to a box.

Product Club's JetBlack disposable gloves were designed specifically for colorists with a comfortable, flexible fit. Extending three inches above the wrist, the gloves offer added skin protection and the black color hides stains. The company's disposable eyeglass protectors are now also available in black. The guards protect glasses from chemical stains and are easily fitted on all eyeglass styles.

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New Foil Colors from Product Club
New Foil Colors from Product Club New Foil Colors from Product Club

Product Club's newest offerings include fuchsia and chartreuse foils and colorist gloves and eyeglass protectors in black.

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