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Pureology’s NanoWorks Collection

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:28 PM

ANTI-AGING: Forever Young

With an anti-aging complex consisting of green tea, sugar cane, apple and wine extracts, vegetable proteins and silicones, Pureology’s NanoWorks collection gives hair a youthful look and increases hair strength. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, the line includes ShineLuxe, a high-shine finishing polish, and the Luxury Hair Masque, all of which enhance color vibrancy and retention.
Pureology’s NanoWorks Collection
“NanoWorks is a brilliant concept because your hair is the one piece of fabric you always wear,” says Mary Katherine Hecht, Pureology PureArtist, “so, it needs extra special care and protection.”

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