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Sexy Hair Celebrates 10 Years

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 7:28 PM

THE EVENT: Sexy Hair's 10-year anniversary celebration honoring founder Michael O'Rourke. WHERE: The hip Level 3 nightclub in Hollywood, California.
"The fact that Sexy Hair has the kind of momentum that it does, as the company turns 10, is amazing!" says Jim Morrison, CEO. "It's a true testimonial to not only the power of the Sexy Hair brand, but also to Michael O'Rourke's vision and what he has been able to create for members of the Sexy Hair family and stylists everywhere."

THE DETAILS: The celebration was part of a two-and-a-half day sales and educational event that included the unveiling of a new Sexy Hair stage show and updates on the company's 2009 initiatives. The event culminated with the "MOR Rocks" Gala attended by more than 300 partygoers including Sexy Hair staff, distributors, editors and artists. The highlight of the evening was the tribute to O'Rourke for his inspiration, education and dedication. O'Rourke's moving words assured attendees that he was there for them and committed to helping each person grow personally and professionally.

INSIDE CHATTER: MODERN's Alicia Liotta had a chance to chat with the man of the evening. He shared, "I have always felt that manufacturers that create products as tools for hairdressers have a moral obligation to expand the stylist's knowledge bank with sound education. Everyone knows that without a strong foundation, a house will crumble, so I built this house on education. It was our biggest and wisest investment. Education isn't only product knowledge or the latest cuts and trends, it's about enriching the whole person. Like Confucius said, ‘Feed a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.' Stylists never forget those people who made a difference in their lives."

Sexy Hair Celebrates 10 Years
Multiple stylists perform cuts on stage for an energetic performance.

Sexy Hair Celebrates 10 Years
A model contorts herself for an unusual cutting technique.

Sexy Hair Celebrates 10 Years
Movement and creativity make the Sexy Hair stage shows stand out.

Sexy Hair Celebrates 10 Years
Sexy Hair Founder Michael O'Rourke takes the stage to address the audience.

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